Sentivate AMA Recap

Q1: Hello Tom and Sentivate Team, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and your experience in the field?

I’ll keep the bit about myself short as I prefer the focus to be on the work. I’m a builder at heart, have a constant need to create, and I continually strive for perfection in my work. I have been developing longer than half my life span. I have built a plethora of apps in different subject matters such as: genetic applications, mobile apps, neuromorphic front/back-ends, utility libraries, websites, real-time apps, social media automation, social networks, benchmarking software, security, frameworks, high speed trading apps, CSS design frameworks, RFID solutions, media applications, torrent streaming, IT, modified browsers, and GUI designs.

Very early on I saw BTC on GitHub and that piqued my initial interest. From there I got involved in mining with friends and slowly after trading. Eventually I wrote a Binance and leverage trading bot. It was as high speed as possible within the context of API limits. One issue the bots ran into is that it couldn’t trade as fast as it wanted to because of an API or network rate limitations. This over time was adjusted to more of an opportunistic trading bot that took in more details. We’ll be releasing a trading bot or code for it on the Sentivate Network exclusively at some point. We had experimentations and prototypes of blockchain related tech for purely research and development purposes. The experiments were designed to prototype ideas quickly and see how they could play out on a larger network.

I am currently serving as the Lead Developer at Sentivate.

Some of the Background on other critical key team members are:

Matt Karasiewicz (Co-founder/CFO)

Matt has earned a Bachelor of Finance in Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Studies from Rider University. After University he was a managing partner at Menrvah, and the president of KMA Satellite Inc., in addition to helping found & secure finance for Sentivate.

Lew Knopp (Co-founder/CSO)

Lew is a former Navy Seal, founder of Templar Titan Inc. , and Co-founder of the Center for Online Justice. His story is told best on his profile at TT’s website if you want to dig deeper.

Lew is extremely connected throughout the government and has many contacts that we will be able to utilize in the future.

Q2: What is Sentivate trying to solve and where are you guys headed?

Sentivate is a hybrid web built to be a viable and realistic replacement for the modern web by integrating centralized and decentralized components. This is because the project aims to merge the best of both worlds and achieve the best user experience, speed, reliability, and security. All technology is focused on ensuring that Sentivate is a revolutionary and not an evolutionary replacement in the modern Internet architecture. The main focus of the project is the Universal Data Transport Protocol (UDSP) and the deployment of the Sentivate Network. The Sentivate Network allows the use of the Universal Web (centralized components) and VIAT (decentralized components) while utilizing the Universal Data Stream Protocol. In order to utilize the centralized and decentralized components, the project continues the development of the Gravity browser. The browser is a tool to navigate the Universal Web and World Wide Web while integrating the unique components such as a universal identity system, universal domain system, and VIAT native cryptocurrency while using our proprietary data transport protocol.

The problem with HTTP and DNS’s current system was designed a long time ago when their creators intended it for limited use. Since then, the World Wide Web has evolved into a global scale interconnected communication with ever-increasing demand and use-case. Besides communication, the modern internet has enabled economic globalization, but the outdated protocols aren’t equipped to handle this ever-increasing demand.

This has created a bandwidth crisis that threatens to compromise net neutrality in order to resume business as usual. Sentivate Network wants to solve this issue by creating new protocols to revolutionize existing components.

Originally we were designing Sentivate to be a solution for private government intranets, or private Webs. After going through the many faults of the web and finding that many vulnerabilities were inherent, we slowly started to change direction. Eventually we realized the scope of what we were building and what was actually being created. As we continued to research solutions for things like built-in congestion control for packets cryptocurrency started to move into the mix. Decentralized aspects were initially part of the original design as it improved availability of static assets and increased scalability in addition to the centralized services.

Q3. What is the utility of the SNTVT token, how does it relate to VIAT, and what can we look forward to with SNTVT over these next couple months?

SNTVT is an ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum network. Sentivate tokens are used to gain access to the early stages of the Sentivate Network, development process, & voting. Delegates cast their votes during various phases of development which aids in directing the project. Delegates have early access to browsers, server modules, client modules, Identity certificates, Domain certificates, and various other applications. Delegates with more SNTVT tokens have more voting power and as such have a greater ability to steer the project. Delegates are SNTVT holders which can verify their own SNTVT in a wallet(s) via a signed message.

We will be releasing a DeFi Program very soon for those interested to distribute the rest of the tokens. The program will be a mix of staking to lock-up tokens and liquidity mining. In the true decentralization spirits we have two different partners for DeFi. VALUE DeFi and ParJar.

Viat is our mainnet cryptocurrency that is a component of the Sentivate network. SNTVT will be swapped for Viat upon Viat’s launch. SNTVT ERC20 will be burned and everyone will be required to swap to Viat. Viat will have its own chain. We expect this to happen after our DeFi Liquidity Mining Program ends in late 2021.

Viat runs on the Sentivate Network. Viat is not Sentivate or vice versa. The Viat site will only be accessible over the Sentivate network with a browser that supports the Universal Web.

We strive for a delicate balance between the both when it comes to control of the network. So things like the DIS are decentralized in it’s distribution and validation but centralized in the signing, selling, and authorizing of domains similar to ICANN.

Viat has its own unique balance where the centralized bits aid the decentralized network.

Universal Web uses decentralized components to aid the centralized ones.

The Token Swap from SNTVT to VIAT is one to be on the lookout for! It will occur in a ratio of 1000 SNTVT:1 VIAT, which is a deflationary model. This means that 4.2B SNTVT tokens will be replaced with 4.2 million VIAT after the swap is completed, which will happen after Sentivate’s Universal Web launches. Deflationary events are usually viewed as bullish in crypto.

The ultimate end goal is for the world wide web to be phased out along with its outdated technologies. The Universal Web becomes the standard for the web. The UW spreads beyond this rock called Earth and everyone is using Viat to buy and sell goods and donate to services. The revenue model for services slightly adjusts. Buying goods becomes a click of a button. DDOS attacks and web crime are drastically on the decline. The need for usernames and passwords have been almost completely phased out. Identity certificates act as your keys to not just the Universal Web but the political voting process.

When individuals are born or if they become citizens they generate an identity certificate which are signed by the governing body of the land. Your identity certificate becomes your global id for all countries and soon planets. The economy is moving at higher speeds as trades and purchases happen at near real time. Identity theft and security related concerns are less successful and concerning. Bad actors are held accountable and the web becomes a safer place. Malformed packets never make it out the gate.

A majority of data transfers are using UDSP for things over than the Universal Web. UDSP becomes a universal protocol that fits into many different use cases beyond the UW. The web takes on a new language that is capable of being compiled and or highly optimized. All web apps are beautiful by default and seamless across devices. Apps now all can take advantage of rolling design and technological updates for the web instead of waiting for years for a bureaucratic process to produce lackluster results.

The web of the future will drastically change how our economy, social interactions, web legal system, and political process occur. The Identity system at its heart is decentralized identity on a global scale. Identity certificates become individuals’ digital identity, even physical devices. I believe that what we will set the groundwork for will forever change the face of Web communications for years to come. Something that will culminate to a singularity that we truly can’t see past just yet.

Q4: Who currently do you see as being a competitor?

Love this one because it’s something most folks don’t pick up on. In truth we actually don’t have any competitors. In fact any decentralized Web attempt is perfectly suitable for a happy marriage.

Where we collide is when Web 3.0 projects say that they will replace the modern Web and be even faster and so on.

The reality is that a decentralized blockchain based Web 3.0 no matter what you do or what improvements you make is limited by a basic design flaw and that involves ignoring the laws of physics. The shortest distance is a straight line between two points. When you take into account how these Dcntrl BC based Web 3.0 networks work we realize to make a simple request such as sending a message to my grandmother it must be first paid for and then a consensus process must occur for it to then be on the Network and fully propagated. Which means it needs to travel greater physical distances and the computational requirement and data involvement grow until consensus and then full propagation has completed. This basic design flaw is an unavoidable law that all such aforementioned networks encounter. This is the “privacy” focused “decentralized” toll that must be paid in order to have a functional well protected network it’s actually a factor of decentralization itself.

With that said all supposed competitors that we hear are actually friends. We want to show them the light for those that foolishly believe the law of physics don’t apply to networks. This is where ideology meets practicality and we hold the utilitarian view on the matter not the dogmatic one. We take this hybrid view and apply to the Web. We realize that both sides have pluses and very concerning negatives. Thus a sensible middle ground is required for any true solution to take hold.

With that said we offer a lot of technology that these supposed competitors can take advantage of and make their own networks more performant. These technologies are also that which starts setting us apart immediately from any other decentralized Web. For example we are building our own data transport protocol and not to be confused with the over used “protocol” term just for starters. We haven’t seen one do such a thing yet.

To summarize competitors can work with us to build a true replacement but make no mistake about it we are the only ones truly taking this from a realistic and viable perspective in regards to a Web replacement.

Q5: In regards to some of the browsers like Safarai, Chrome and Brave, how does Sentivate compare as far as speed goes?

Safari is very similar to Chomes engine and most of the codebase is the same as at one point Chrome was using WebKit it technically still is. Google forked WebKit and renamed it to Blink and then stripped it of Mac specific code.

Brave is also based on Chrome as it uses Electron for its browser shell.

This means that as Safari, Chrome, and Brave are updated so are we nearly instantly by simply updating our Electron Node module.

With that said. We intend to support far more networks and dApps than any of the three. We’ll also have full torrent downloading and streaming support. Right now you can test out Torrent magnet link streaming right from our browser with a single click. Most of all our browser can access the Universal Web.

We also provide users with the ability to embed WWW sites into a UW site and modify it while ignoring browser security rules for it. This opens large doors for developers to make extremely interesting fast apps and sites.

We have various features that speed up many WWW sites today by storing most used libraries, fonts, and icons ahead of time.We use the same engine as chrome specifically we use Electron which is essentially the same engine as Chrome, Opera, Brave, and Edge. What changes things is the cache mechanisms and pre-shipped code that comes with the browser. However, that’s just for speeding up the traditional Web we change the game when the user is instead using the Universal Web or the UW protocol. As then we have massive changes that tremendously speed up any app developed on it instead of the traditional Web.

There’s truly an endless list of options that simply won’t be offered by other browsers. Make no mistake though our browser is just the interface for our Network. It’s a way for users to interact with and view the Universal Web and Viat. Those are the true gems not the browser.

We also have various features that speed up many sites today by storing most used libraries, fonts, and icons ahead of time.

Q6: What gives the SNTVT token value, what is its utility, and how does it benefit holders?

First I’ll start with the logical reasoning from an adoption and growth perspective. In regards to adoption we needed incentive for sites, apps, and exchanges to eventually integrate Viat into their systems. Because we are building a new Web (The Universal Web) and Viat relies on that technology it’s imperative that they adopt it as well. Which means that all the major to little exchanges that we are on will eventually adopt Universal Web technology. The token itself since it’s on their platform and trading naturally will want to take advantage of and participate in the Viat swap. Thus creating a logical and economical incentive for them to undergo adoption efforts. The swap is mandatory and the SNTVT will be burned and of course replaced with a Viat listing. This strategy also applies to average users of SNTVT.

In a nutshell the implications of utilizing the token then swap route results in growth hacking and mass adoption post swap.

Another reason is that we wanted SNTVT holders to be able to reasonably exert control over the development and governing process. With the new Governance being formed on (The upcoming new home for the Sentivate Network) many holders will be given seats and represent sectors of the public and can introduce laws and agendas for all things Universal Web. We recognized that the destiny of the new Web must be in the hands of the people who use it yet there must also be rational mechanisms in place to ensure it’s not abused, corrupted, or taken over by a pure democracy voting system where the majority determines the fate of the minority which could be 49% of the users. This is the issue for many decentralized Webs that leave it up to a certain % and could institute any law. They also have a sort of God class that is the devs and of course the owners. Which should be given higher authority on matters but not complete or in a way that shuts out everyone else. Each SNTVT is essentially a vote of control that can be made and when the new governance model is in full effect will drastically shift the destiny of the project to a decentralized democratic republic with checks and balances. The Web today is stagnant in updates because of the way things are decided for the rest of us. It’s decided by large corporate entities and governments primarily and depending on the country one may be above the other. This can’t be a viable solution for the Web and the bandwidth crisis, decades old technology, and the entity that controls domains being ICANN is evidence of that. In a nutshell SNTVT and the new governance model coming into effect is our first shot and test run of this new form of technocratic democratic republic around the Web.

We see the Universal Web as a sort of digital country or even planet. It must be designed to foster growth not just in terms of the information to be shared but also in the technologies it operates on. Another key point is that centralized checks and balances are also there to ensure it operates to protect individual freedoms while putting a stop to horrible wrongs such as human trafficking. This is a big part of the effort for compliance with the US Gov. We intend to ensure the US Gov and others approve of it and support it because it’s logical and economical to do so.

A key point out of governance is that in order to take advantage of VIAT and enforce the above scenario only SNTVT holders will be able to immediately take advantage of Viat and be able to mine on the Network. We have artifacts and what we call districts on our network.

Districts are used to mine on the network and require a certain amount of Viat to be enabled. This allows a wallet holder to act as a full Node.

Since the release process of Viat is very small and slow it’ll take years for even half of it to reach circulation. Therefore only holders of SNTVT will be initially granted access to mine and of course be able to obtain Viat. Prior to the swap a snapshot will be taken which shows what wallets had SNTVT and the amounts and only the wallets that initially pass a threshold of Viat at the moment of swap are allowed to initially be part of the beta process for miners.

There are economic metrics involved in this question regarding the swap and value but I make an effort not to comment on such things and let organic activity do its job.

There are also various opportunities and events that only SNTVT holders can take advantage of. For example a BTC/ETH/SNTVT giveaway or contests for NFT art, computer hardware (GPUs), and various tech items.

When certain events, apps, or a beta process are made available only SNTVT holders can take advantage of it.

Typically only SNTVT holders that meet a threshold and holding time period are permitted to participate in many of our events and giveaways. Some are for the public but the large ones have only been for holders.

Essentially to take advantage of most of the value that comes with Viat will be largely restricted to SNTVT holders initially. The same goes for the Universal Web.

When voting goes public a large holder could be the deciding factor on listing for a major exchange. There are some that can be done but will be saved for the public release of Universal Web governance.

Q7: Can you tell us more about the DeFi initiatives that we have seen Sentivate announce recently?

We will be releasing a DeFi Program very soon for those interested to distribute the rest of the tokens. The program will be a mix of staking to lock-up tokens and liquidity mining.

Our first DeFi partnership involves a partnership with Value DeFi Protocol to launch the world’s-first liquidity mining program using the one-click solution of Value Liquid technology. This entails WETH/SNTVT with 98/2 Ratio; VALUE/SNTVT with 50/50 Ratio. There will be future pools coming from SNTVT but these are the initial two.

The WETH/SNTVT pool was chosen with a 98% wETH and 2% SNTVT ratio in order to attract ETH farmers to build up project liquidity and distribute the tokens among major traders in the ecosystem. 10% of tokens farmed during the stated period will be unlocked immediately for claiming. The other 90% tokens will be unlocked after 2 months with the rest unlocking LINEARLY every block for 10 days.

The VALUE/SNTVT 50% pool was selected in order to honor the partnership between two amazing projects. We have the utmost respect for the VALUE DeFi Team and what they have been able to achieve in a short period of time. We will welcome VALUE as one of the first projects on our mainnet as soon as we go live in 2021. 10% of tokens farmed during the stated period will be unlocked immediately for claiming. The other 90% tokens will be unlocked after 2 months with the rest unlocking LINEARLY every block for 10 days.

Q8: Lastly, what motivates you guys and what milestones are you hoping to achieve in the coming years?

I absolutely love what I do — I love to build, design, and create. I started learning to code at about 8 years old so I have been here for a long time doing all sorts of things over the years. I have seen the Web rise and I have seen parts of it fall or be attacked. I know how it works from the inside and out and sadly the only thing that has truly changed is everything but the core technologies that need to be gutted. This has been a lifelong passion in the making and I expect many more years of it. Everyone on the team involved with building feels as strongly as I do about this initiative. That’s a skill that we all share.

December is our Beta soft launch of the Universal Web. It will be a hectic event for us but I’m sure for many an exciting and nail biting event. After that VIAT development becomes more of a primary focus as we slowly shift over assets to focus on purely the development of Viat.

In a nutshell — Partnerships, growth, listings, and products. That’s what’s ahead for us. Next year Viat will grow to be more of our focus and will have info for both of the major sides of the network on it.

About Sentivate

Sentivate is the future of the Web. Sentivate is a hybrid web built to be a viable & realistic replacement for the modern web. A faster, safer, & more scalable than any solely centralized or decentralized web.

Website | Telegram| Twitter | Discord | Whitepaper | Github




Sentivate is a hybrid web built to be a viable replacement for the modern web. Faster, safer, & more scalable than any solely centralized or decentralized web.

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Sentivate is a hybrid web built to be a viable replacement for the modern web. Faster, safer, & more scalable than any solely centralized or decentralized web.

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